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In this 3-Part Video Series you will learn:


What to say when they have been a prophy patient and need perio therapy?


► How to find more time to improve optimal care and offer adjunctive services


► How to present treatment plans without feeling “sales-y”

“Debbie is passionate about YOUR success! I am impressed by her broader perspective than that of most hygiene consultants. Her experience as the Hygiene Program Director at a leading hygiene school, along with her hands-on experience, keeps her on the cutting edge of the clinical aspects of hygiene. Combine that with her business and consulting background – – you have a winner!”

Rick Willeford, MBA, CPA, CFP

Founder DentaMetrix and Academy of Dental CPAs

About Your Presenter:


Bittke-DebbieDebbie Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS, is the founder of the Dental Hygiene Solutions which is powered by Dental Practice Solutions. Dental Hygiene Solutions takes a holistic approach to improve efficiencies and focuses specifically on the hygiene department. Debbie’s strategic systems, if implemented, make it easier to be efficient, and in return the practice as a whole is more profitable.

Debbie started her career in dentistry many decades ago first, as a dental assistant and office manager. She graduated from USC in Los Angeles in 1984 and later became a Clinical Assistant Professor at USC. She also co-taught the senior dental students practice management course until they changed their curriculum to Problem-based Learning.

Debbie started what is known as Dental Practice Solutions in 2000 and has spoken at most of the national dental meetings as well as consulted with dentists all over the world. You can read her articles in many of the dental publications in print and online.

In 2007, Debbie wrote the accreditation for a new dental hygiene program in Portland Oregon where she currently lives. After the hygiene school was up and running she went back to consulting and speaking full- time. This December marks 11 yrs. In a row, that she has been recognized by Dentistry Today as one of Dentistry’s Top Consultants.

“Debbie’s programs have shown me things I didn’t know existed in the clinical dental hygiene department. Specifically, the research she does on assessments, care models, and leveraging the highest standard of care with profitability-is priceless.  She pointed me straight to the important topics and keeps me on track as I apply the knowledge.”

Kristine A Hodsdon RDH, MSEC

Feminine Leadership and Money Personality Coach, Dental Influencers, LLC

BONUS Webinar on November 10th @ 5:30pm Pacific Time:


5 Steps to Create a More Productive & Profitable Dental Hygiene Department


Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 10.39.01 AMIn this webinar you will learn:
  • What keeps our patients waiting
  • Why we run behind
  • When is it a prophy and when is it a perio patient?
  • Signs to stop treating bloody prophys
  • What does the AAP say about this?
  • How to enroll more patients into high-end treatment plans
  • You will not feel “sales-y” when you create this paradigm shift
  • How to overcome the Cancellation Epidemic
  • And I will reveal one more step you can take to create accountability to implement these five to see your dental hygiene department production sky-rocket and without working harder or more days!

Get FREE Access to This Exclusive 3-Part Video Training & Bonus Webinar: